Bowerbird’s Bower

Bowerbird’s Bower

Wayne Eager

Eager’s work responds to life in the central desert. His studio looks out onto local rocks, which appear in his boulder-like circular abstractions as do the hills where grasses and vegetation are interspersed amongst more rocks and outcrops of quartz and mica. Eager is a gestural artist, concerned with form, colour and texture. His method is based on the accretion of subsequent layers from which his paintings find their form, built from fragments and structures evolving over time. Colour is intensified or modulated between sessions, so the viewer is able to trace the narrative through gestures and the accumulation of layers of paint. Oscillating between intense working and loose simplicity, he creates paintings built on his understanding of desert landscape and his knowledge of modernism.

137.5cm x 175.5cm 

oil on linen


Catalogue Number: 20AP16

Price: $8000


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Wayne Eager

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