The Power and the Glory

The Power and the Glory

Rew Hanks

The print on the left is a satirical portrayal of Napoleon Bonaparte in exile on a small island off the coast of Western Australia. Bonaparte is depicted as the fallen French Emperor with a bad case of Small Man Syndrome ( Napoleon Complex). A fanciful scenario has erupted between he and the male Dwarf King Island Emu sizing each other up with over inflated chests over a mate, territory or just ego.
While the work on the right was inspired by the Greek myth ‘Leda and the Swan” and depicts an empowered Josephine Bonaparte who displays contempt for her Black Zeus while confidently taking control of her Australian menagerie on her Parisian estate.
Gender stereotypes that challenge issues of power and subjugation are often mirrored in the Australian world of Fauna.

106cm x 150cm 



Catalogue Number: 20AP23

Price: $4 000


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