New Work No Lines

New Work No Lines

Ross Hucks

New Work No Lines by Ross Hucks

The title of this piece is a play on words. This piece is based on lines and the edges they create. There is a copy of a line drawing by Sydney Parkinson (the artist aboard Cook’s Endeavour) carved into the ply support. Over this I have applied vinyl lettering and enamel paint, mimicking a road sign. On top of this layer I have sprayed a line drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog spraying the Extinction Rebellion emblem.
The piece tries to capture a serious message in a light hearted manner. That message is the dramatic changes that have occurred in Australia over the past 250 years. Where kids are more likely to see an anthropomorphised cartoon foreign animal than a native echidna. Where many native flora and fauna are facing extinction - no new lines.

97cm x 62.5cm 

mixed, vinyl lettering enamel, acrylic paint on carved ply


Catalogue Number: 20AP26

Price: $1 800


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Ross Hucks

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