A place to catalogue my mother No.4

A place to catalogue my mother No.4

Paula Mahoney

This work from the series ‘Dis/Appear II ‘is a lament for the artist’s mother, and uses the landscape in its vastness to incite feelings of the infinite, a metaphor for death. Mahoney’s mother died 36 years ago and remains faceless in the artist’s memory, in stark contrast to the intimate memory that the artist has of her mother’s body. Mahoney uses her mother’s clothes and photographs her daughter and her niece dressed in these clothes in the outback, in an attempt to locate her mother’s face.

In this work, the landscape acts both as a metaphor for death, in its vastness, and as a place of comfort and refuge, visual operating as an extension of her mother’s body, a place that as a child, one is folded, flesh into flesh.

120cm x 180cm 

Archival pigment print


Catalogue Number: 20AP31

Price: $5 900


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Paula Mahoney

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