The Divide

The Divide

Ingrid Morley

The atmosphere in the land is old and secretive, its layers thick as animal hide. Where I
currently live in regional Australia, ugly secrets buried in this landscape create an uneasy silence. In my interior world, the trees in the forests groan with a seemingly insoluble weight and the shadows in the bush deepen every year. I hear anger which rages with no beacon or map – it is free in the soil like acid rain in the city. I wish for a Makarrata - not just an extraordinary aboriginal word ( from the Yoingu tribe) but one that has a motivating message of peace for this country.

200cm x 180cm  x 150cm

cowhides, steel, hand made ceramic feet and cow hoof


Catalogue Number: 20AP36

Price: $28 000


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Ingrid Morley

Credit – Photographer Stephen Oxenbury



Gallery: Defiance Gallery Sydney