Desert Tracks

Desert Tracks

Barbary O'Brien

Over the course of about five fairly recent years I worked as an artist in schools in central desert communities. These places I passed through, stayed with, sat in, gazed at, and recorded in my journal. When I got back to my studio all these stories were gathered up into this one painting.

106cm x 106cm 

Acrylic on canvas


Catalogue Number: 20AP40


Barbary O'Brien

Please find attached some images pertinent to the process of creating the selected artwork ‘Desert Tracks’.I have spent a fair bit of time in a number of remote communities as artist in residence. The most recent was at four Anangu schools within the Nyangatjatjara campus, from 2013 to 2016.I spent some months in total working with students on all sorts of projects, and was lucky enough to be taken out and about on country. Before and after school, and on weekends; especially during those blessed fly-free hours of the early morning and nighttime, I would venture out with my journal, and sketch. The painting is a collection of some of these journeys. The night sky is a particular source of inspiration, and an underrated subject matter in my opinion! I lie on my back with drawing materials and plot the night sky. The stars and swirls, and especially the dark spaces.

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