All in a days work

All in a days work

J9 Stanton

As a young girl the earliest reoccurring dream I can remember was of a white line drawing a square in amongst the clouds. It was around this time I was spending many days watching my father in his workshop underneath our house, fascinated by all his tools and what he could make with them. If we are to question the origin of our practise, I would say these were the unconscious influences on this work. “All in a days work“ is the complete replica of my workshop board. With the use of a 3d pen that draws the white line, I pay homage to the “hand made” and invite the disintegration of gendered expectations.

128cm x 188cm  x 25cm

Masonite and plastic


Catalogue Number: 20AP52

Price: $7 500


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J9 Stanton

These art works are done with a 3 d pen that extrudes plastic much the same as a 3d printer only they are hand drawn. The works are a development on from a series of soft sculpture tools that were painted with lace patterns. They stem from my interest in the antithesis of the practical tools we use to build the world around us.