Blue Drawing II

Blue Drawing II

Marina Strocchi

My work is an intuitive response to nature and the central Australian desert where I have lived since 1992. I attempt to activate the feeling of being in the landscape, deconstructing and anthropomorphizing the landscape, challenging the human-centered viewpoint of nature whilst referencing restorative care and reparative action. Through layering textured marks, I create the irregularities and patterns of a world where nature is the major stakeholder. The tension between the interdependent line work and form creates the counterpoint for the structure and colour in my paintings. I try to create a form of ‘spacial’ harmony: a place of refuge, as nature does. A fundamental aspect of my work is responding to the brilliant glare of the Australian light and its effect on land formations.

122cm x 137cm 

acrylic on linen


Catalogue Number: 20AP55

Price: $8 000


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Marina Strocchi

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