The Last Drop

Anne Morris

“The Last Drop”
Coiled and stitched cotton rope, cotton fabric, cotton thread.
Approx. 2m X 2m wall installation, 8 X 8 (64) bowls, ranging in size 10-16cm in diameter, up to 8cm in depth.
Bowls are very light weight so are simply tacked onto the wall with a small nail in a grid of points 25cm apart.
The bowls in this wall piece represent the earth’s tentative relationship with water.
Usable water is an essential element for life and sets the earth apart from other planets in our solar system.
The balance of our ecosystem is threatened by rising sea levels; shrinking bodies of ice; and extreme weather events causing droughts and floods. Salination, deforestation, overpopulation, increased pollution and wasteful use of water will cause an insufficient supply. Inequitable distribution of water throughout the world places the stability of our geopolitical landscape at risk.
Access to clean water is essential to our future on earth.

Medium: Textile

H  2mcm x W 2mcm    x D 8cm cm

Catalogue Number:  22AP03

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