"nod to Brancusi"

Gayle Stockley

"nod to Brancusi" is about the play between colour, line and form. My painting style developed after a seven year period making relief sculpture using bushfire-blackened sticks. I returned to painting in 2015 and continued to work with similar simple, geometric, abstract compositions with the addition of colour. Travelling to San Francisco and New York in 2019, seeing the work of many much-admired artists including Ellsworth Kelly, Imi Knoebel and Brancusi has been a source of inspiration and given clarity to my artistic direction.
My paintings are constructed using pencil grid-lines, acrylic and oil paint applied with brush and/or palette knife in a raw, sketchy manner on un-stretched canvas, giving the canvas fabric some movement and association with wall-hung textiles.

Medium: Painting

H  1500cm x W 1185cm

Catalogue Number:  22AP12