Ancestors: Red Ochre Creation Place

Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello

This work depicts the swirling Ancestor creation energies that formed the red ochre pits near Iga Warta. These red ochres are of the highest quality and were traded right across the continent for tens of thousands of years. The earth, rocks, cliffs, even the wings of the dragonflies of nearby Parachilna Gorge project the red intensity of these ochres. This work was created in the hotshop from handmade complex glass canes with translucent colours melted over opaques. Sequential layers of canes were then picked up on a collar of molten furnace glass and blown into a cylinder. After annealing the cylinder was cut and kiln-formed into a flat panel to open out the patterns created by the canes into 'drawings' representing the Ancestors.

Medium: Other – Hot blown , kiln formed and coldworked glass wall panel

H  25cm x W 36cm    x D 0.6 cm

Catalogue Number:  22AP52