Summer 2019/2020, Yuin country

Jennifer Taylor

The climate crisis, and the trauma of witnessing its unfolding consequences, has become central to the lives of many since the Black Summer fires. Yet the crisis is in some way incomprehensible and impossible to hold steadily in mind. The apocalyptic vision of a world on fire sits side-by-side with the ‘before and after’ of misty light on South Coast lakes – a safe, familiar world that I long to return to.
Most of the time, the demands and details of day-to-day life sift down like smoke and ash and obscure the apocalyptic vision. I hold onto the image of fire like a talisman, because forgetting and indifference are existential threats. This painting holds up the terrible beauty of life in a time of fires.

Medium: Painting

H  50cmcm x W 228cmcm

Catalogue Number:  22AP19