Linda Wachtel

Neetu, the inspiring subject of the documentary “Geeta”, by Australian film maker Emma Macey-Storch, survived an acid attack by her father when she was three. She sustained life altering injuries and was left almost completely blind. This act of extreme domestic violence led to years of harassment, impoverishment and dispossession in an environment of deeply engrained patriarchy.

Defying the odds with uncompromising determination, Neetu is a passionate global activist against gendered violence. Visiting Australia for a year to advocate for other victims of domestic abuse, she is seen here wearing her favourite outfit, in command of her life and body, having conquered the trauma of her childhood. She is poised and optimistic, redefining notions of beauty and victimhood.

Medium: Photograph

H  100cm x W 100cm

Edition:  1 of 2

Catalogue Number:  22AP26