this silence (just the sound of night)

Madeleine Joy Dawes

Utilizing a system whereby the ruled grid becomes the vessel for a lexicon of hand-drawn symbols, the principal theme in my drawing is the utilization of iterative mark making as a temporal site to record measured and psychological time; an attempt to coordinate thought and stabilize the disorder of the everyday.
Taking its source imagery from Sunshine Beach, the expansive nature of the ocean can indicate both chaos and the unfathomable, yet simultaneously evoke stability and calm boundlessness. It is standing in these shallows, as my drawing ‘this darkness (just the sound of night)’ depicts, that I am provided the context to be afforded the time to mediate rather than mirror the world around me, to process my own rage, turbulence, vulnerability, uncertainty and joy.

Medium: Drawing

H  57cm x W 40cm

Catalogue Number:  22AP55