Barka messenger

Nici Cumpston

Barka messenger pays tribute to my ancestors who knew how to sustain our environment and to the hope that we can continue to survive and thrive on this most sacred land. Walking along the backwaters of the Murray, I am mindful of converging flows further upstream that carry messages from my precious Barka, our Darling River.
The rivers are our livelihood; like a trusted relative, they support us by providing food, water, and shelter. We rely on them to sustain us physically, emotionally, and spiritually and in turn we are culturally responsible to care for them. One way we can nurture the rivers is to humanise them, so they can be empowered to have rights that protect them from harmful human intervention.

Medium: Photograph

H  64.0cmcm x W 171.0cmcm

Edition:  Edition 4|5

Catalogue Number:  22AP31