Sand Palms Late Dry

Winsome Jobling

Livistona humilis or the Sand Palm It is endemic to the Top End of the NT, growing as part of the understorey beneath open eucalypt forests.
Plants exchange information with one another through airborne chemicals, through soluble compounds exchanged by roots and networks of symbiotic fungi, and perhaps even ultrasonic sounds. Plants have a social life that scientists are just beginning to explore.
The Top end colonies of the tall slender sand palm certainly talk amongst themselves – you can hear them chatter! And maybe this is the key to their resilience and longevity.
The papers are made from local plants and are both a collaboration with the natural world and a haptic response to our impact on it.

Medium: Other – Handmade papers, drypoints and stitching

H  59cm x W 104cm

Edition:  unique

Catalogue Number:  22AP43